Are you looking to grow your business, increase revenue, and have more time to focus on the things that are important to you? Then you need to leverage the power of SEO and let Google do the work for you!

If you have spent any marketing dollars in Puerto Rico hiring agencies, then you likely have been burned and have felt that your hard earned dollars weren’t being invested well. Everybody focuses on social media, but the reality is that when you are actually looking to buy something, where is the first place that you go to? For most people, the answer is Google!

Why should you focus on SEO in Puerto Rico? Simply put, because not many others are doing it! As Puerto Rico is a much less mature market in terms of digital marketing and search engine optimization, there is much more opportunity here for newcomers and smaller businesses to compete on a scale that is no longer possible in the US due to the sophistication of all players in the market.

Don’t just take my word for it! My father runs a small independent insurance agent business in Puerto Rico called Dynamic Insurance Solutions, and we took it upon ourselves to build him a website and do a full search engine optimization package on his site. Now, if you search for car insurance in Puerto Rico, you will see that his site ranks in the first page of Google, above Triple S insurance, a company valued at just under a billion dollars!

I know all this because I have been in the internet game since the 1990s, and in that time I have tried and tested myself all strategies and know what works and what doesn’t. As far as credentials, there is probably nobody on the island more qualified to speak on the subject. I hold an MBA from the Harvard Business School and worked as a director at Red Ventures, a multibillion digital media company well known for their expertise in SEO.

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